With the spirit of traditional golf course design, Miller Golf Design Group has blended the elements of history, strategy and the landscape into the designs and renovations of golf courses. Recognized for our integration of the natural landscape and environment into the game of golf, Miller Golf Design Groupís associated experience in the field of construction and renovation has made the designs and master plans of golf courses step back into the past to bring the visual field design concept back to life. A minimalist approach to earthmoving results in a golf course that looks natural, plays strategically, and maintains easily. A belief that golf should be more than just a game has allowed the integration of nature to be an important part of the design process, resulting in a variety of challenges on the course, a visually stimulating experience that emphasizes the unique features of the landscape, as well as the history of the region.

This combination of golf, landform, and history give the golfer a total experience that is greater than the individual components. Our inception into the golf business was in the construction/renovation of golf courses through Golfshape Development Inc. This knowledge led to an association with Gary Player Design, and eventually, into the design field on our own as the Miller Golf Design Group. As clients learned about our philosophies of design, our attention to detail and concern for the environment, the company has evolved into a group reminiscent of the early designers who built the classic golf courses during the early part of this century.



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